"Sammy Rosenbaum breathes a message of positivity through his music, from funky grooves to traditional chants and the sweet spot in between where hypnotic, driving melodies invite you to join in shared  song. In his debut album, "We Are the Ones", Rosenbaum adds radio friendly pop and rock/soul ballads to his repertoire, including a collaboration with fellow Atlanta songwriter, Zale. It's a strong freshman effort and if Rosenbaum's future mimics his tone, there's a lot of good vibes and great tunes on the horizon." - Russel Gottschalk - Director and Founder of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival


"Sammy brings deep meaning to musical life with his welcomed debut EP "We Are The Ones." A must listen for anyone who wants a little more culture than pop, Sammy's vocals and catchy melodies will get you on the first listen." - Bram Bessoff - Founder and CEO of IndieHitMaker



Sammy Rosenbaum

Musician.  Producer.  Songwriter. Educator.

Sammy is a songwriter of two worlds. His roots are steeped in Jewish faith and his musical style pushes into a modern folk/funk groove. You can find Sammy on tour for part of the year or back in his home of Atlanta where he is an active member of the local community. Sammy was recently named Best Musician of Jewish Atlanta by the Atlanta Jewish Times. He was the Artist in Residence for the largest Moishe House Retreat to date and organized the first ever Moishe House Summer Concert Tour.  Sammy is the co-creator of The Well - a once a month Shabbat gathering with the motto, "Come with spirit. Leave with Soul." 

We Are The Ones who share music.

Music is the universal language. As humans on this earth we are bound to sound waves. In sharing those waves we can chip away at the ugly stone to make a beautiful statue of love, peace, and respect.

About Sammy: 

Growing up in Boca Raton, Fl, Sammy spent much of his time on the beach listening to reggae, ska, jazz, jam, and latin music.  In the fall of 2012 Sammy spent 16 weeks on tour filming a documentary called "Rock Shabbat" which highlights American Jewish music and over 85 musicians. Since then he served as the Musician in Residence for retreats and communities around the world. Currently serves on the board of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival working to bring fresh musical experiences to the Metro Atlanta area. Look out for new music, videos, and tour dates.