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Musical Service Leader

Music is the glue that holds together the prayer experience. Tradition feels timeless while new songs feel timely. Creating balance, service arc, and intention leads to uplifting of the soul and personal connection. 

Examples of Musical Services I lead have created:

The Well - A passion project of the past 3 years for which a large amount of original music has been written for has blossomed into a once a month musical service with over 80 young professionals in frequent attendance. Our motto. "Come with spirit. Leave with soul." Co-created with Rabbi David Spinrad at The Temple - Atlanta, GA

We've Got the Beat  - A Carlebach centric service focused on singing, harmony, and percussive exploration. Created for Congregation Sha'arei Kodesh - Boca Raton, FL

Kabbalat Shabbat in the Vineyard - A learning service focused on introspection through singing and natural surrounding beauty with a mix of original and traditional melodies. Created for Moishe House Sukkot Retreat - Encinitas, CA