Takers and Leavers

I just finished reading a book called "Ishmael" by Dan Quinn. It is about a talking gorilla who bestows knowledge upon his students. Funky premise I know. Anyways, He proposes the idea that we are living in a "Taker" culture and are on a serious path for destruction. We use fuel, food, and water as if it will never run out, scraping the earth as if it is ours to rule. Then, there is the "Leaver" culture. Those who still live in harmony with the earth are part of it. Ancient tribes who dwell in the rainforest or on the plains of Africa. They understand that Humans are not the end of evolution. We may be the first to manipulate our world in such a drastic manner, but we may not be the last. "Leaver" people only grow enough food to sustain themselves and eat what they can find. If they are craving roast duck, they don't drive to a concrete structure that takes up half a block, wade through isles of processed garbage, and pick out a nice duck from the counter selection. They have to track and hunt one in the wild. If they don't happen upon a duck, they would be perfectly content happening upon whatever the universe brings. The difference between the "Takers" and "Leavers" is how they view the universe. The former believes humans were put here to rule and be the masters. The latter believes that we are in the hands of God. It is not up to us. We are just one iteration of the divine. Just like the birds and the buffalo. Imagine what the world would be like today if our culture taught the philosophy of the "Leavers".